Sunday, March 11, 2018

Clouds, & Rhyming Freebie (March 5-9)

This was such a great week!  We have been working on Rhyming!  And goodness I have such a smart class.  They caught on so fast.  I would throw out a word and they would throw back a word that perfectly rhymed.  It wasn't even something that we had practiced in the past.  We have read books that rhymed, but we haven't formally practiced rhyming.   They have been doing fantastic.  For my readers that aren't familiar I have a class that is roughly ages 3-5.  I have a couple of 2's, but mostly 3-5's.  and boy are they some smart cookies!  

Since we worked on Rhyming I whipped up some fun and colorful cards for matching that we used this week.  We played memory, we matched them together, we used them at circle time with a fun little poem that I created. And we also just named the picture and words that we saw on the cards.  Pick up your free download below and print it out so that you can use it with your kiddos.  

The link to this fun little rhyming cards are right here ---->>>Click Here FREE DOWNLOAD 
You can use these cute little Rhyming cards in your classroom (like I did) or at home with your preschool aged child or toddler.  If you are doing home preschool and just want to practice rhyming. 

Of course we had plenty of playtime!  Because we ARE kids and we learn best through play and it's just plain FUN!  The light bright has been the hit the last couple of weeks and it hasn't been put into storage yet.  As long as it is a hit we will keep it into our rotation.   

Spring is here!  And the kids have discovered ROLLY POLLIES!!!  They have been bringing them to us by the drones.  Those and Dandelions.  We are good on those 2 things until next spring.  But we love to see them exploring the outdoors and collecting and learning about the environment that nature has provided us.  We have also discovered a few frogs and a garden snake.  It has been a active spring so far.   

We did a pretty amazing cloud experiment!  We spent all last week learning about clouds.  All of our kiddos learned that a cloud is a bunch of tiny water droplets grouped together.  We warmed a bar of Ivory soap in the microwave for about 2 min. in a microwave safe dish and it puffed up into a soft fluffy cloud looking substance. 

Each of our students got a chance to see the soap before the process, feel, and smell the soap and predict what would happen.  They also all got a chance to see the process during the microwaving. 

ONLY 1 child took a bite of the soap!  And it was pretty amazing to hear their predictions and see the reactions on their faces!

It was such a fun fun week!  We took a walk to the park since the weather was so beautiful.  Here is our selfie. (I am horrible at taking selfies)

The kids had a great time!

Have a happy weekend rest of your weekend! (Even though its already Sunday evening...Yikes!)  
~Ms. Cammy~

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