Friday, March 2, 2018

Dr Seuss Week Feb 26- Mar 2

February has come and gone in a flash!  We have had such a busy week learning and celebrating Dr. Seuss and all the amazing books he has written that we could get our hands on. We read Green Eggs & Ham, The cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish, Wacky Wednesday, and many more!

Our T&TH group got a chance to sample Green eggs & Ham after listening to the Story. After the story they all celebrated Sam I am eating AND liking the green eggs and ham.  We talked about who would take a try of the green eggs and ham and how they may like them just like Sam I am did.

Oh my what a funny experience.  Only 3 of our students actually liked the green eggs.  Some of the students didn't even try the eggs, even though the children like eggs they wouldn't even taste them because they were green.  It was so funny to watch all of the children and the expressions that they had on their faces.  It was interesting to see and listen to what they had to say regarding the situation.  Some of the children were saying how disgusting they were, some were saying the green eggs were delicious, and some would dare not even give it a try.

We did a lot of neat Cat and the Hat activities this week too! We worked on AB pattern by putting red & white stripes on the Cats hat, we also practiced sight words, Cat, The, Hat.  We worked on fine motor skills and AB patterns stacking red and white cups and paper in our really fun STEM activity.

We spent some time this week working on our weekly writing skills, language arts, math, Alliteration, and more oh and most of all PLAYING.  I love to see our preschoolers  learning and growing!  It was a great week!

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