Sunday, June 14, 2020

SPACE- Summer Camp Week #2 & FREEBIE

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This week was all about SPACE!  We just completed week number 2 of preschool summer camp.  This week was busy!  We are all adjusting well to our routine and enjoying our daily activities.  This week we made a lot of space crafts, played a lot of space games, and we definitely enjoyed the 2 days of splash days!  I don't think our kids are going to get tired of doing splash day
The writing center was transformed into a space exploration center.  Our kids had lots of space words and pictures to write & draw all about their space adventures of the week.  

It is always such a joy seeing learning happening through the eyes of our preschoolers.  A lot of playtime happens in our classroom, even during the summer.  We place out the materials to encourage learning and allow them to ask questions and use the tools appropriately.  We have 3 teachers in our classroom which allows for plenty of student and teacher interaction.  Throughout the day there is many small groups of playing and learning going on.  This week we counted and made space shuttles, We made planets, and aliens, stars & moons.  

Each day our kiddos do arts/crafts, an outdoor game/activity (this week was SPACE YOGA), indoor activities including science, writing, math, language, and more.  
At the beginning of the week we asked all of our preschoolers what they think is in space.  We heard the typical things like, Stars, the moon, planets, the sun, earth, even ALIENS!  But when we heard DINOSAURS, we rolled with it and added them to a part of our weekly activities.  We did add that in our imagination and in the land of make believe anything is possible.  That even dinosaurs can be in space for pretend  So our dinosaurs got to spend the whole week as a part of our space week.  

Week 2 of Preschool Summer camp was so fun!  

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