Monday, July 13, 2020

Preschool Summer Camp-Let's go Fishing (Week 4)

Time got a little bit away from me and I haven't been staying on top of the Blog like I have wanted to lately.  I am playing a bit of catch up.  
This week was a fun week, but it was a rainy week.  We spent a good portion of our preschool play days indoors.  But that's ok we STILL had a ton of fun.  We did obstacle courses, we danced, and we even did the parachute!  Our obstacle course was full of physical AND educational activities.  
The theme this week was Let's go fishing, so what better craft to do than a fish on a fishing pole.  The kids LOVED this craft activity.  We decorated our fishies with stickers, paint dots, and colored it with markers.  Attached to a milkshake straw and yarn, and it made the perfect fish on a fishing pole.  

We did so much learning and playing!  
Our preschoolers had a great time playing this homemade fishing game.  Some pipe cleaner bent into a fishy shape, a dowel rod with pipe cleaner and magnets attached.  We practiced counting, matching colors, and listening for directions. 

Another cute fish craft that we did.

Fish puppets made from our hands!
It was a great week!!!

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